A Refutation of Phillip Dennis’s Claims Regarding Alleged Inconsistencies in ASC

Did Phillip Dennis actually disprove the conventionality thesis (Dennis 2024)?  Did he really prove at long last what physicists over the last century have been unable to do – to establish that the one-way speed of light in any given direction must be the same as the round-trip speed of light?  Did he find any genuine inconsistency with the Anisotropic Synchrony Convention (ASC) and the young universe model upon which it is based?  Well, no to all of the above…. We show below that when the full synchrony-independent equations are used, they do not support Dennis’s conclusion but rather the opposite.  Furthermore, we will demonstrate several critical errors in Dennis’s analysis and show that several of his claims are incompatible with the physics of relativity.

Was Paul an Apostle?

We receive all sorts of interesting messages here at the Biblical Science Institute.  This one came in some time ago from someone we’ll call “Simon.”  Simon seems to deny that the New Testament books authored by Paul are Scripture.  Let’s examine Simon’s reasoning.

Denying the Holy Spirit… Again.

One of the most fundamental Christian doctrines is that of the Trinity.  It separates genuine Christianity from the cults and from other religions and is essential to understanding the Gospel.  We recently received a message challenging an article I had written responding to a critic who denies the third Person of the Trinity: The Holy Spirit. 

Has the Word “Eternal” Been Correctly Translated?

We have been examining the claims of critics who deny the biblical teaching of eternal hell.  Often, those who deny central Christian doctrines will deny that the major English versions of Scripture are well-translated.  They must argue this way because all the conservative English translations show that the duration of punishment and torment in hell for unbelievers is the same as the duration of heaven for believers – namely eternal.  So, in this segment, we will look at Tracy’s claims that the original languages deny eternal hell.

Interpreting the Bible’s teaching on the Eternal State

We have been examining critics who deny what the Bible teaches about the eternality of hell.  Since the Bible explicitly states that those in the Lake of Fire “will be tormented day and night forever and ever,” those who deny this teaching cannot rationally defend their position.  In all cases, their arguments commit one or more logical or hermeneutical fallacies.  A study of these can help us avoid error and remain faithful to what the Bible teaches.