Debunking Flat-Earth Claims

In this article, we will deal with the claims of a flat-earth advocate named Jeff. Jeff is a friend of a friend of mine, who objected to some of the proofs I gave that demonstrate the earth is spherical. Since Jeff’s claims have been refuted elsewhere, I agreed to answer them but only if I could post them publicly on this website so that others may benefit. Jeff graciously agreed.

More Tall Tales from Phil: Part 4

We continue to explore the comments made by Phil Vischer and his friends, Skye Jethani, Christian Taylor, and Jason Rugg, on their recent podcast. Recall that Phil had claimed that the young earth creation taught by Ken Ham is a surprisingly young movement that had sprung from the visions of Ellen G. White in the mid-1800s. We have seen that this is wrong. In reality, young earth creation had been the consistent position of the church until the last few centuries.

More Tall Tales from Phil: Part 3

We have been reviewing a recent podcast by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer, and his co-hosts. Recall, Phil had made a number of false claims about Ken Ham and the history of biblical creation. We will continue our analysis of his claims here. The comments of Phil and other co-hosts are in purple text, with my response in black.

Distant Starlight in a Young Universe: Rømer, Maxwell, and Occam

We may freely stipulate the speed of light in any one direction to be anything between ½c and infinity, and the return-trip speed is set by the constraint that the average speed of light must always be exactly c in vacuum (186,282.397 miles per second). We here explore additional objections to the conventionality thesis. These have all been refuted in the technical literature within the past century. But few people have access to such literature, and so a review is expedient.