Quantum Particles: Leptons

But the electron is merely one member of a group of particles called leptons.  The term lepton comes from the Greek and means “small,” or “thin” and refers to the extremely low mass of leptons.[1]  The electron, for example, is 1800 times less massive than a proton.  

Quantum Particles: An Introduction

Quantum physics deals with how the universe behaves at very small scales – on the level of atoms and smaller.  And it’s weird: very weird.  Particles that are smaller than atoms do not behave in exactly the same way as the much larger objects to which we are accustomed.  This makes quantum physics one of the most intriguing areas of research, and one which declares the glory and majesty of the Lord.

UFOs and Extra-Terrestrial Life

As an astronomer, I spend a great deal of time outside at night looking up. I have seen many wonderful things in the night sky. And I am often asked if I have ever seen a UFO. Before I answer that question, it is always helpful to define our terms. What is a UFO?

Jesus: The Lord

A critic commented on one of our webcasts on logic. He apparently believes that Jesus is not God. That’s a problem because declaring Jesus as Lord (as Yahweh) is a requirement for salvation (Romans 10:9-13; Joel 2:32). Let’s examine Jake’s (not necessarily his real name) comments in purple text with my response in black text.

Education and Practical Objections

We have been examining education in light of Scripture. We found previously that the Bible instructs parents to instruct/educate their own children in the way of the Lord (e.g. Ephesians 6:4). Some delegation is allowed as long as the educator is instructing the child in a thoroughly biblical worldview. Therefore, Christian schools are an option (if they are Christian indeed in their curriculum). Although many Christians think that public schools are neutral, we found that this is certainly not the case and is impossible according to the Bible (Matthew 12:30). Education, by its very nature, cannot be neutral. It will either be for Christ or against Christ.