Logic: Our Moral Obligation

A thorough knowledge of logic can be immensely helpful in our own reasoning, or when reasoning with others. But in addition to any pragmatic advantage, we have a moral obligation to be logical. Thinking rightly is not optional for the Christian. It is something God requires of us.

Creation 101: Genetics

Genetics is the science of heredity: the study of how traits are passed on from organisms to their descendants. It is perhaps the most relevant field of science to the issue of creation and evolution. Which position on origins is most consistent with our modern understanding of genetics? Do all organisms on earth share a common ancestor as Charles Darwin believed? Or do all organisms trace back to a large number of separately created kinds which are not biologically related to other kinds? Can the science of genetics shed light on these questions?

Refuting the Critics #3

Our conversation today comes from Bret, who has some concerns about parallax, the speed of light, and has criticized me for believing that God created in six literal days. Bret seems to have been heavily influenced by the teachings of Hugh Ross, and asks how there could have been ordinary days before the sun was created. I enjoyed our dialogue, and hope that you will too!