Fractals (softcover)


What if mathematicians discovered a secret code embedded in math disclosing an amazing work of art hidden in the numbers? Just such a code of astounding beauty was discovered in the 1980s. The artworks displayed in this book have always existed, built into the numbers at Creation. Dr. Lisle demonstrates that only the Christian worldview can make sense of this secret code. As such, the images in this book are a demonstration of the truth of the Bible.  Fractals:

  • Demonstrate that even abstract concepts like numbers could not exist apart from God
  • Show the beauty of God’s design and creation through full-color representations of numbers
  • Confirm that the Christian worldview makes sense of mathematics and mathematical properties
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Is there a secret code embedded in math itself? Well…there is! Intricate and infinite, these works of art are composed of numbers. The images, known as fractals, are a beautiful, fascinating mystery. You’ll see that numbers are more than just simple values, but mind-boggling glimpses into the wonders of God’s creation.

Men did not invent the laws of mathematics but rather have been continually surprised by mathematical discoveries throughout history. Numbers didn’t evolve either, so how can secular thinking make sense of these shapes? Zoom in on the details in this book packed with stunning full-color images of math’s secret code… fractals!

softcover, 216 pages

*When purchased here, this book includes a CD with fractal plotting software for PC and Mac, including electronic versions of all the images in the book.

Table of Contents

The Secret Code
Valley of the Seahorses
Valley of the Double Spirals
Infinite Elephants
Scepters on Seahorses
Changing the Formula
Fractals and the Christian Worldview
The Tricorn
The Sine Function
Geometric and 3D Fractals
Physical Fractals and the Grand Dilemma

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