Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason


Critics of the Bible often claim that it is full of contradictions.  But Dr. Jason Lisle examines 420 of the most popular claims and shows that not one is legitimate.  Invariably, the critic has either not read the text carefully, or has made a mistake in reasoning.

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“You can’t trust the Bible!  It’s full of contradictions!”  We have all heard this claim.  But is it really true?  A popular internet meme lists over four hundred supposed Bible contradictions.  But when we examine these claims carefully, do they stand up to scrutiny?  In Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason, astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle examines 420 alleged Bible contradictions.  Thoughtful investigation shows that not even one of these claims is legitimate.  In all cases, the critic has not read the text carefully or in context, or has made a mistake in reasoning.  Far from demonstrating that the Bible has contradictions, this book reveals the sloppy scholarship of Bible critics, and affirms that the Bible really is true.

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