Welcome to the Biblical Science Institute! This brand-new creation-themed science ministry exists to help you rationally defend the Christian worldview against those who claim that the Bible is unscientific. Critics assert that science has disproved the Bible, particularly the history recorded in the early chapters of Genesis. The Biblical Science Institute will equip Christians to logically refute such claims and to be encouraged that science confirms the Bible.

One of the silliest myths of our culture is the story of particles-to-people evolution – that all life is an unplanned byproduct of mindless chemistry. Even more absurd is that this story is taught as if it were somehow the scientific position, as if it had abundant supporting evidence and as if it were the only rational possibility. The great irony is that the opposite is true. Evolution is nothing but a scientifically bankrupt conjecture. My conviction is that no one on earth believes in evolution for rational reasons. The Biblical Science Institute stands ready to expose the silliness and irrationality of those who stubbornly refuse to bow the knee to Christ.

Unique Features

Why another creation ministry? Several parachurch creationist ministries exist, each with its own particular focus and strengths. This is good; God can use the various gifts of His people to further His Kingdom in various ways. Different people have different interests and will therefore naturally gravitate toward the ministry that best suits their needs. The Biblical Science Institute exists to fill a very important niche in creation apologetics: practical interactive discipleship for those engaged in the defense of Genesis or other scientific issues pertaining to biblical authority. Consequently, the ministry will have some unusual and even unique features.

Interactive Forum

Those partnering with the Biblical Science Institute will enjoy a discipleship forum where they can ask (or answer) questions pertaining to the defense of the Christian Faith. Several Ph.D. scientists who specialize in Genesis will be available to answer these questions. We encourage knowledgeable partners to weigh in as well. We trust that this iron-sharpening-iron forum will be a tremendous blessing and source of encouragement.

Logic Emphasis

I have found that an understanding of logic is one of the most effective tools in the defense of the Christian faith. The ability to spot fallacious reasoning goes a long way. It not only helps to refute evolutionary arguments, but it also safeguards against error in our own reasoning. While many creation ministries touch on this topic, logic will be a strong emphasis at the Biblical Science Institute. Knowing how to think properly is more important than simply knowing lots of scientific facts (though knowing a lot about science is also very helpful of course). We will explore and expose the fallacious thinking of evolutionists, and that of some creationists as well.

Weekly Podcast

We are particularly excited about our upcoming weekly podcast discussing issues of science, theology, and Genesis. The podcast will deal with all sorts of creation science related issues, as well as other areas concerning the defense of Scripture. Yes, we will deal with flat earth claims. Yes, we will cover distant starlight. Dark matter, black holes, geology, biology, you name it. We will have occasional guest experts from other ministries. We will also have Q&A time where we will answer questions posed by our partners. The shows will be archived and available at any time for the convenience of viewers.

Discernment and Accuracy

Not all creationist ministries emphasize accuracy in their science and theology (though many do of course). But it is critically important that we are as accurate as possible for several reasons. First, we have an ethical responsibility to be truthful since we serve the God who is truth. Second, when creationists say or write things that are inaccurate, it gives our critics a legitimate reason to reject our publications, even if our other writings are accurate. For these reasons, all publications of the Biblical Science Institute will be thoroughly peer-reviewed for accuracy. And we will rely on peer-reviewed publications for our source material.

The internet has made information more accessible than it has ever been at any point in history. A simple Google search can accomplish in seconds what would have taken hours of library research only 30 years ago. But the internet is also full of claims that are simply false and has been used to mislead many. Consequently, the ability to discern truth from error has never been more needed than right now. This will be a key focus of the Biblical Science Institute.

Fully Presuppositional (Biblical Authority) with lots of Scientific Evidence

The Biblical Science Institute fully embraces the presuppositional approach to apologetics. This means that the Bible is the ultimate authority in all matters, including its own defense. It means that we recognize that there is no external standard superior to God’s Word, and we refuse to pretend that there is. If that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry: we will explore this issue in great depth. The presuppositional approach is the most powerful defense of the faith I have seen, and is quite easy to learn. But it is also poorly understood by many Christians. Some people have the misguided impression that the presuppositional approach means that you shouldn’t use external evidence (science, history, and so on) when defending the Christian faith. But nothing could be further from the truth. We will use a great deal of science in this ministry (hence the name). But we will do it in a proper presuppositional (biblical) way.

Unique Publications

There are many fine creation-based publications out there. But there are still some gaps – some areas of science relevant to origins that have not been explored in depth, or have not been dealt with accurately. There are some levels of education for which relevant resources are lacking. I have found that abundant creation literature exists for children, and a good amount for junior-high to high school students. A number of publications are geared for Ph.D. scientists. This is good. But what about the college student who is majoring in a field of science? What about the advanced high-school student, who wants to go beyond the basics? What about the lay-person who has a more-than-passing interest in science and wants more in-depth information without being overwhelmed by technical jargon? We want to reach these people as well. I try to write in a broad way that will reach many. But I do want to go into a bit more depth than some of the introductory creation books that have been published over the years. For example, I have an upcoming book (still in progress) on the physics of Einstein at a layman level that includes a thorough examination of the distant starlight issue. Another recent publication answers 420 alleged Bible contradictions in a single concise volume! It is called Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason.  What about a creation-based book on logic or on fractals? These are all possibilities.

Taking Captive Every Thought

One of our main goals as individuals and as an organization is to cast down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). Most people are aware of the “casting down arguments” aspect of apologetics: showing the absurdity of evolution, refuting deep time, and so on. But it is just as important for us to “take captive every thought” – to adjust our thinking so that every thought in our minds faithfully obeys Christ. In fact, this is the key to casting down arguments. When we think in a way that is consistent with Christ, we think rightly – rationally. And we are able to see the problems with secular and other non-Christian worldviews and to refute them. The Biblical Science Institute is therefore a discernment ministry. We distinguish truth from error all to the glory of God.

A Ministry for Partners and Supporters

Perhaps most unique about the Biblical Science Institute is that our partners contribute to the direction of the ministry. What are the questions that critics ask you? What objection to the Christian faith do you find most difficult to answer? Our interactive forum will help us continually gauge the issues of the day, so that we can write articles and books to deal with the latest real-world issues people face. We can adjust the podcast topics to match the issues brought up in the forum. Apologetics is not simply an academic game. We are dealing with real people with real questions. And we defend the faith because God uses this as part of the means by which He draws people to Himself. Let us never lose this Gospel focus. So please consider partnering with us or even supporting us with a modest donation. Every little bit helps. These finances will be used to promote God-honoring science via books, internet articles, videos, speaking engagements, podcasts and more. And please keep us in your prayers.

– Dr. Jason Lisle