Dinosaurs and the Bible (DVD)


Does the Bible provide any information about dinosaurs?  When did they live, and how did they die?  Does the science of dinosaurs challenge or confirm biblical history?

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Did dinosaurs really live millions of years ago?  Did they evolve?  Did they go extinct long before human beings existed?  Were they on Noah’s ark?  What does the Bible have to say?

There is just something fascinating about dinosaurs.  These amazing reptiles were some of the largest land animals to roam the earth.  Yet, we have only their fossilized remains now.  Speculations abound.  And most people have heard only the evolutionists’ conjectures about when dinosaurs lived and how they died.  But the Bible gives a much different version of history – one recorded by eyewitnesses and inspired by the all-knowing God.

Yes, the Bible does have something to say about dinosaurs, and may even refer to some specific varieties.  When we examine the scientific evidence, we find that it confirms biblical creation.

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