Refuting the Critics

Refuting William Lane Craig’s Views on the Historical Adam

William Lane Craig is a professor of philosophy at Houston Baptist University….  Craig rejects the history recorded in Genesis.  He instead embraces the secular story of origins, including its timescale of billions of years.  In his latest article, Craig attempts to persuade his readers that Genesis is a myth – a story that contains elements of truth but which is not to be understood literally.  [Eight-part series]

More Tall Tales from Phil

Here we refute Phil Vischer’s false claims about Genesis, science, and history.  [Six-part series]

15 Answers to Evolutionist Misconceptions

Refuting straw-man arguments and other anti-creation rhetoric that appeared in an article of Scientific American.  [Three-part series]

Faulty Speculations on the Pre-Flood World

We examine and refute some speculations about the pre-flood world.  These articles contain some interesting and very useful computations involving the rate of lunar recession and the tilt of the Earth.  [Two-part series]

And Lots More!

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