Creation 101: An Introduction

Often, those who believe in Darwinian evolution have misrepresented what creationists teach. In many cases, this may be inadvertent resulting from ignorance of the creationist position. So, it is often necessary to educate the critic on the basics of creation. All biblical creationists should be prepared to do this with gentleness and respect.

15 Answers to Evolutionist Misconceptions

Recently, someone sent me a link to an article appearing in Scientific American – a popular science magazine. The article was extremely revealing, but not in the way the author probably intended. The article exhibited a very common problem we often see among evolutionists: ignorance of creation literature.

Appearance of Age

Does the universe look old? Was Adam created with the appearance of age? The answer to these questions may surprise you. Although Adam was created as an adult, he was not created with any appearance of age. In fact, the phrase “appearance of age” is an oxymoron because age has no appearance at all.

The Importance of Genesis

Why defend Genesis when so many people don’t even believe in Jesus? Why not concentrate on defending the big issues, like the Gospel and the deity of Christ? Considering all the problems we have in society, should we really be focused on apologetics, rather than trying to change our culture? It takes time and effort to learn to defend biblical creation. Wouldn’t that time be better spent defending the important Christian doctrines, and fighting abortion, “gay marriage”, racism, and other social ills?

Genesis and the Gospel

Christians rightly recognize the Gospel as an essential Christian doctrine. This vital principle has its roots in the literal history of Genesis. Unfortunately, some professing Christians mishandle Genesis. They interpret its message in an unnatural way to accommodate secular beliefs about origins such as “millions of years” or particles-to-people evolution. These compromised views reduce the Gospel to incoherent nonsense.

The Ice Age

Was there an ice age? In most public schools, students are taught that there have been at least five major ice ages in Earth’s multi-billion-year history. The last one is claimed to have started 2.58 million years ago, and then retreated about 10,000 years ago. Obviously, this timescale is incompatible with biblical history. Nonetheless, there is scientific evidence for one ice age that occurred within the biblical timescale. The real ice age occurred shortly after the global flood and lasted a few hundred years.

Animal Death – God’s Fault or Man’s Fault?

How do we account for such a sad thing as animal suffering and death? Why does God permit such an awful thing? And ultimately, whose fault is it that animals suffer and die?

No Rain?

We have been exploring common misconceptions regarding origins. Several such misconceptions pertain to the time between creation and the global flood. Here we explore the claim that the Bible teaches or at least implies that there was no rain before the flood.

Evolution: not a Theory

Carl Sagan once said, “Evolution is a fact, not a theory.” And he was partly right; evolution is not a theory. He’s not right about evolution being a fact of course…. This is the idea that all life on earth is descended from a common microbial ancestor: that the information in our DNA is entirely the result of mutations over time that happened to convey survival advantage. It is this version of evolution that is neither a fact nor a theory.

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