Articles on Theology

The Essentials

What Christian doctrines are non-negotiable?  What aspects of theology are so central that to deny them is to bring into question a person’s salvation?

The Trinity

An (appropriately) three part series that corrects misunderstandings of the Trinity, and shows that this vital Christian doctrine is clearly taught in Scripture.  We then follow with articles refuting critics who deny one or more persons of the Trinity.

The Bible

A collection of articles on the Bible – how we got it, how we know it has been accurately transmitted and translated, how we got the right books in it, and how we know that the Bible is the Word of God.

God, Government, and Politics

Articles on the Christian view of government and political involvement.  How should Christians vote?  Does the government have any obligation to obey God’s laws?  The Bible does answer these questions.


Articles separating fact from fiction by searching the Scriptures on this highly importantly topic.

Christian Cults

A Christian cult is any organization that professes to be Christian by also denies one or more essential Christian docrines.

The Biblical Solution to Racism

It seems that there has been a resurgence of racism in the United States.  As Christians, we are very concerned about this because we believe that all people are made in the image of God and therefore deserve dignity, respect, and fair treatment regardless of ethnicity. The Bible condemns racism as sin, and therefore we must stand against it, and must warn people of organizations that promote what God forbids.

The Problem of Pain

“How could you possibly believe in God with all the suffering in the world?” Have you ever encountered a question like this? I was recently asked a very similar question by my sister as we sat across from one another in her living room. “How could you possibly believe in God with what you are going through?”


Beware of Philosophy!

A colleague of mine once said, “Stay away from philosophy. The Bible says that philosophy is bad and that we should avoid it.” But does the Bible really say that? What exactly is philosophy, and what does the Bible really say about it?

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