Dinosaurs – Part 1

How do dinosaurs fit into the history recorded in the Bible? Some would say, “They don’t. Dinosaurs lived millions of years before people were around. The Bible doesn’t mention them.” Dinosaurs are often used as an icon for evolution and deep time. It seems that there is no need to make a logical argument for an “old earth” – just say the word “dinosaurs” and you win! After all, we all know that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, and some evolved into birds. Or did they?

Dinosaurs – Part 2

In part 1, we found that we can learn much about the history of dinosaurs from Scripture, even though the term ‘dinosaur’ is modern and therefore not to be found in the ancient text. Yet, the King James Bible uses the word ‘dragon’ or ‘dragons’ 35 times. Could some of these be dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs – Part 3

The Bible contains numerous references to “dragons” and other creatures that resemble dinosaurs, such as Behemoth, as well as other extinct reptiles like Leviathan and the flying serpents. Most of these references are after Genesis 6-8, implying that these kinds survived the global flood. So how and when did these marvelous creatures go extinct?

A Round Earth, Natural Selection, and Dinosaurs

What do a round Earth, natural selection, and dinosaurs have in common? They are all things that are demonstrably true and biblical that some professing Christians deny. All of these things are mentioned or implied in Scripture. When Christians deny things that are observable, provable, and biblical, it is dishonoring to the Lord and makes unbelievers less likely to embrace the Christian worldview.

When Were the Dinosaurs Made?

We received the following e-mail from Hans who has criticized my presentation on Dinosaurs and the Bible. I put his message in purple text with my response in black.