Articles on Astronomy

Worlds of Creation

In this series of articles, we explore the planets and moons of the solar system.  We see how they exhibit creative design and resist intrpretations involving supposed billions of years.

Stellar Astronomy

This series is all about the stars – their sizes, luminosities, compositions, distances, and so forth.  More importantly, we learn how these discoveries were made – how we know what we know.  And we separate knowledge from speculation.

Distant Starlight

This series explores the possible way in which starlight from the farthest galaxies reaches Earth within the biblical timescale.  We will see that the most commonly assumed solutions do not stand up to scrutiny, but there is a solution that does.

Refuting the Big Bang

The big bang is a secular speculation about the origin and evolution of the universe.  In this series, we examine the biblical and scientific shortcomings of the big bang.

Extrasolar Planets

In this three-part series we explore planets that orbits stars other than the sun.  These exoplanets challenge secular stories but confirm the creativity of the Lord.

Refuting a Flat Earth 

Believe it or not, there is a modern cult-like movement that insists that the Earth is not a globe, but is a flat disk, and that all the governments and space programs in the world are lying.  In this short series, we examine the biblical and scientific evidence regarding the Earth’s shape.

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